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3 Facade, 3 Alternative, Which one do you prefer?

To put more emphasis on some parts of the facade, It is possible to use index materials, light and reflection; both naturally (water) and artificially (materials). In this way, by creating protrusions or depressions on the desired volume, it created shadows in parts of the body that emphasize the work. For example, we can mention the use of uniform index materials in the facade, which leads to the creation of a texture composed of light and shadow, and in such buildings, the shadow is involved as an important element in the facade design. The use of composite materials together that have different reflective properties can also create special effects on the facade.

For Example,

In Alternative No. 1; The combination of wood material with high stress property is used next to concrete. This compound is defined as 2 materials with low reflectivity. But there is a high visibility absorption in the wood used. In Alternative

No. 2; In order to emphasize the main part of the facade, Spider glass is used as a material with a high degree of reflection and in other surfaces, materials with less reflective properties such as concrete have been used. In such a way that due to the strong reflection of light hitting the glass surfaces, the desired parts appear more important.

And in Alternative No. 3; Integrated concrete body in combination with metal sheets! In order to emphasize parts of the facade, they can be made of sheet metal and on other surfaces, materials with less visual properties such as concrete can be used. In a way that in the visual view, the metal part of the work first remains in the mind of the audience, and this contrast of color and material makes the desired parts more important.

And the End, next to this combination of different materials, we see 3 different natural reflections with different intensities in each alternative ...

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